About Us

Founders of Pregnant Peeks

We are a dedicated team, A Mom & Dad with a special mission.

With Pregnant Peeks, we wanted to give you and your loved ones a unique experience with your very own, easy to use, at home ultrasound machine.
It is our special mission to help you enjoy the time leading up to the birth of your little bundle of joy even more intimately.

Not only do we help connect a mother with her child by showing the mommy-to-be what it is that she is feeling inside her belly, but we also help Mommy to share her little miracle, Anytime, Anywhere and with Anyone. 

Let's not forget, that Daddy is pregnant too. Daddies-to-be will feel much more involved and bonded with his growing baby, seeing him moving or seeing his baby's heart beating inside his wife's belly.  What's even more special is that Daddy can scan!

Our Home Ultrasound System was designed to keep your ultrasound experience safe!  We have designed a proprietary software program that allows anyone to scan for a safe and set amount of time per scan. Our OB ultrasound probes scan using sound waves that are equal to or less than the sound waves emitted by a baby doppler! 

Pregnant Peeks makes these unique moments happen.